Waking Up - an inspirational film about hope, love, life purpose, feeling alive and being connected. This film was created to remind you that life can be magical and amazing. We all have the potential to have a brilliant life whatever challenges we have to overcome. This is a film about hope - It's a film about love. If you need some magic to happen, this film will help you get into a positive and hopeful mindset to open up your reality.
Extra special thanks to Brendan Shoebridge - Cameraman / Producer / Inspirational Ideas man and general all round great guy. Without Brendan this film would never have been made. Thanks again Brendan. 
Thank you to Cumie for the following music. You're a star. 528 Hz Emotional Release Music (Love Signal, Miracles, DNA Repair) - Cumie Gayatri Mantra - Astral Siren featuring Cumie The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic (Abwun D’Bwashmaya) - Zulma Reyo (reciting) & Cumie (singing) Natura - MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir 
In Order of Appearance: 
JC Mac 
William Bloom - https://williambloom.com 
Tim Freke - https://timfreke.com 
David Biddle - https://www.peak.coach 
Hugh Lillingston 
ABOUT TOBY - The Film Maker: I had the idea to make this film in 2008. This idea has stayed with me ever since.
 We filmed the interviews in London, Majorca and Somerset and had plans to film more interviews in Australia.
 Unfortunately I ended up in intensive care and the footage got stuck in Australia, for about 5 years.
 I spent another several years working and moving, Weybridge, Barnes, Dalston, Highgate, Nailsworth, Cirencester and then buying a house in the Cotswolds ...Never being in quite the right headspace to finish the project.
 But the little voice in my head kept whispering to me, finish the film. So I never gave up and just kept chipping away.
 I started editing in December 2019. The time was right, I was in a good head space. I was calm, happy, in the flow. 
Then lockdown... 
It’s taken 6 months of editing to create this.
 It’s called Waking Up. It’s my life’s work. It’s a combination of all my life’s learning in an hour and a half.
 It’s the film I wish I could have watched when I was 19 and trying to make sense of the world.
 If you know someone who would enjoy this film please share it with them. If it can help to change one person's life in a positive way it will make it all worthwhile. 
Turn off your phone, turn down the lights and enjoy. 
Time for a cup of tea. 
Toby x
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